Welcome to Sara Institute of Science and Technology


SARA Institute being located in Abu Dhabi, have many client not just within Abu Dhabi but all over UAE, such as Dubai and Sharjah. In Abu Dhabi  just a short ride across the Najida Street opposite Al Maria Mall is where you'll find us. As the  Best Large Training Provider, we offer a huge range of accredited courses within our campuses. That's one of the reasons why many students considers us to be the best Institute in Abu Dhabi.
Sara Institute serves thousands of students each year including international students from over 50 countries, who opt to invest in its courses which are designed to prepare for professional career development in many different industries such as business, accounting, designing, IT, engineering, secretarial, English Language, IELTS exam preparation and many other specialties, but don't just take my word for it, try it yourself and feel the difference. Sara Institute of Science and Technology is one of the best training provider in Abu Dhabi city and all over the UAE.




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