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At Sara Institute, we develop courseware that enables our students to meet on-the-job challenges in the dynamic corporate environment. Our full-time instructors provide a well balanced training system wherein practical implementation is backed by theoretical knowledge. Prospective and enlisted students are guided by counselors at Sara Institute in making the right career decisions. Sara Institute is considered to be the best institute in Abu Dhabi chosen among many candidates.

English is the medium of instruction for all our courses and we assist students who need to acquire the necessary comprehension and communication skills in English, with courses dedicated to this task. 

The flexibility of our weekly schedules, a maximum batch size of 10-12 students, and the option to have tailor-made programes conducted onsite on company premises are testimony to our customer-focused approach to training. Our courses and training programes cover a wide range of technical, interpersonal and business skills

Sara institute is an Abu Dhabi Institute(UAE),located in Abu Dhabi.We have many client not just within UAE but all over UAE,such as Dubai and Sharjah.In the beautiful state of Abu Dhabi  just a short ride across the Salam Street –Intersection with Electra Street   is where you'll find the winner of Sara Institute the  Best Large Training Provider called Sara Institute of Science and Technology. Sara Institute offers a huge range of accredited courses across its campuses That's one of the reasons why many students considers it to be the best Institute in Abu Dhabi .Within Sara Training Center students choose to study here each year including international students from over 50 countries. They're all designed to prepare you for a career in many different industries such as business,accounting,designing ,IT and more others specialties , but don't just take my word for it.Sara Institute of Science and Technology is one of the best  training provider in Abu Dhabi City. The courses offered at Sara Training Center combine admixture of practical and theoretical learning they're designed to be interesting ,interactive and help you become job ready.Some courses even have work placement to see what an industry is like as part of the Certificated Qualification and to help you perfect your skills. Sara Institute believes in creating supportive learning environment for allots students. Lecturers are experienced and approachable so help it always there whenever you need it.Sara Training Centers knows that finding best Institute in Abu Dhabi is not easy for student and so it does the best to attract them and have the students believe in them in term of quality, price and effectiveness.Mentors is the students  lecturer really. They supported them through their course and work experience. Although after student graduation ,students still call them for advice and they are always willing to share their  experience and knowledge with their friends and families. Sara Institute Staff is a friendly staff where as they help the students to keep your studies on track as well gives them advice on things like study support, employment advice and student events. Sara Institute staff really cares about their students by supporting their studies and even on a personal level they were always there for them. Sara Training Center courses are approved by the  industry  which means they can lead to great careers with excellent job prospects. Many students have finished their qualification certificates with Sara Institute  finishing and have been doing work experience on the side which indeed was great advantage on their resume and also it helped them to  develop their  skills for their future employment. We are confident that they  will get a good jobs in  in their specialties and industries and we are looking forward to develop their professional life..
If you're interested in Continuing Education, many courses are offered at Sara Institute that will fulfill your professional needs. They are Short and long courses that are delivered with best education content with highest quality and standards and effectiveness. This means you can save money and time and start your career sooner. Many students find out that the environment with Sara Training Center is  so friendly and supportive that they have  decided to continue their education  studies onto Advanced Certificates and have also gain them credit into their CV(Resume) and save them  money too. In general studying at Sara Institute is a great opportunity to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals .Outside the classroom there is plenty to keep you busy. There are Pastries Bakery near us and you can spend your free time shopping at the Co-Op markets or Even Abu Dhabi Mall. Or spend the day in parks and gardens. All our campuses are located close to public transports it's really easy to get around. Electra –Salam Intersection has a lot of tourist attractions and places to go such as the beach and more other. In Summary many students believes Sara Institute of Science and Technology is the best Institute in Abu Dhabi.

The atmosphere in Sara Institute is friendly, welcoming and alive. Our dynamic team of experienced and highly qualified teachers practices a communicative approach and provides individual attention. Small class sizes and internationally-mixed classes are guaranteed. Staff  love working in Sara Institute because they are a really friendly Institute. The staff are fantastical teachers  and are really friendly and have a great time coming to work there. The Teacher use a communicative approach, which means they encourage all the students to talk. In Sara Institute, all the students are mixed, different nationalities in different classes, so wither it's juniors course or an exam course, there's always different nationalities, which means it's easier to speak English, because if you are not sitting beside somebody from your own country, you'll have to speak English to communicate. So it's brilliant and you'll learn about all about the other countries –Sara Institute  offers a wide range of courses, carefully designed to meet the general and particular needs of our students. Students consider Sara institute the best English Language Center in Abu Dhabi and best top Institute in Abu Dhabi.Many Students recommend Sara Institute because we help them to improve their English and to go on with their  studies and to get a certificate and also because all the people that are studying there  who came from really different countries and it's really good and mainly because during the lessons they talk a lot, the speaking is a really an important part here in Sara Institute, 'Learn to Live', join us at Sara Institute of Science and Technology for a magical experience that you will always remember. Experiencing English, Experience UAE, Experience Sara Institute and best Institute in Abu Dhabi.

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